Creating Graphs

You will be creating 3 diferent graphs today. You will be using this link to help you make your graphs:


LINE GRAPHS - are used to show change over time in data

BAR GRAPHS - are used to make comparisons among data

CIRCLE GRAPHS - are used to show data as part of a whole

The data for your graphs are as follows:

Data for a line graph for students who received 5’s in Math per year.

Year Number of Students

2010 8

2009 5

2008 6

2005 11

2004 2

Data for a bar graph – Compare the costs of Minnesota Professional Sports Teams

Team Cost of average tickets per game (in dollars)

Timberwolves 42

Vikings 67

Twins 58

Swarm 14

Wild 54

Data for a Pie or Circle Graph – Students favorite food

Food Students favorite foods (100 students were surveyed)

Pizza 41

Chicken Strips 26

Cheeseburgers 14

Sauerkraut 4

Lasagna 15