Write a letter to next year
You will be surprised how crazy Mr. Lusk is. You get to switch with Mrs. Prehiem for science. You get to go on field trips and you get to play kickball against other 5th grade classes and maybe some 6th grade. There is a desk fairy that will take all of the things out of your desk. Lunch time is at 12 and sometimes you get to have pizza parties and do fun things.
s students and tell them what to expect in Mr. Lusk's 5th grade classroom.
Dear students,
This year you will be switching classes with Prehiem for science in morning. Mr.Lusk is super awesome he takes us after recess sometimes for walks. You’re very lucky to have Mr.Lusk as your teacher.
Here are some things about him. He has this thing called ‘The desk fairy’ tip: He is the desk fairy! If he spots messy desks he will put a thing up about the desk fairy. Mr.Lusk volunteers for a lot of things so get ready to work. Just be careful he will flip desks if there messy! Also we go to various places to field trips! So have a good year with Mr.Lusk! ^_^

Mr. Lusk-What you should expect from Mr. Lusk’s class is, Fun, Awesomeness, Barely any home work, lots of jokes/laughs, Competition With other 5th Grade classes, of breaks for snacks. Of course you’ll Switch With Ms. Preheim for science.

Ms. Preheim- she is divorced but nice.

Wish you Luck, Clayton Schrumpf
One of Mr.Lusk’s students!
P.S ItsAlexandria.

Dear next year students of Mr. Lusk’s class,

Expect switching with Mrs. Preheime. Be VERY VERRY well behaved or Mr. Lusk will yell VERY VERRY lowed. Also hope you have a student teacher because on their last day Mr. Lusk will do a prank. You will have a lot of fun. You will play kickball against Barnick. Be well behaved and get your homework done. Use the wiki a lot check out the songs. Get use to:

  • Common sense goes along way
  • Good readers reread
  • Problem solve

Alison Helder
Dear Mr. Lusk’s new 5th grade class
Mr. Lusk is a good teacher. You will switch in the morning with Ms. Preheim
She is also a very good teacher. I am sure you will like both of them. Mr. Lusk likes to kick over desks but it is not a bad thing. There is a thing called “The Desk Fairy”. But we think it is him. He also likes to say…”good readers reread” and “common sense goes a long way. Well good luck!