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Here is the link for the textbook.

Link to Unit 1 Math Homework and Remembering:
Math - Chapter 1 Homework and Remembering.pdf

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Overview of Unit 1
Practice Book Link - Math Unit 1 - Multiplication and Division Word Problems.notebook

Beyond the book: click on the above link and click on Challenge Masters. You will be given extra credit for doing these worksheets!

Lesson 1-1 Discuss Combinations

Attached is a video of our class disucssing arrays, area, equal groups, combinations, and area.
Math September 21 Equal Groups, Combos, Area,.wmv

Lesson 1-2 Comparisons

Comparisons - A problem that involves someone or something that has "more" or "less" of something than someone or something else. Real world example = height, weight, and number of items just to name a few. Compare is the base word. Attached is a video of our class discussing comparisons.
Math Lesson 1-2 Comparisons.wmv

Lesson 1-3 Write and Solve Equations

Lesson 1-3 Objectives:
1. Understand the everday applications of multiplication and division.
2. Generate and solve simple algebraic equations to represent multiplicative situations.

Math 1-3 Array and Area September23 0932.wmv
Math 1-3 Combinations.wmv
Math 1-3 Comparison.wmv
Math 1-3 Equal Groups.wmv

Lesson 1-4 Scrambled Multiplication Table
In this lesson we are working on fluency

Scrambled Multiplication Tables are like a puzzle.
Math Lesson 1-4 Scrambled Tables.wmv

Lesson 1-5 Functions
1. Describe a function and express it as an equation.
2. Connect functions to real world situations.
Math Lesson 1-5 Input Output Tables.wmv
Math Lesson 1-5 Functions and Equations.wmv

Links to Function Machines:

Lesson 1-6 Equations and Parentheses
1. Understand everyday applications of multiplication and division
2. Generate and solve algebraic equations that involve grouping with parentheses.

This lesson is the beginning of the order of operations. We also have a pnuemonic device that makes the order of operations easy to remember. We call the order of operations PEMDAS. Here is the order of what needs to be done first in algebraic equations.

Remember to start from left to right. Also division and multiplication are interchangable in the order of operation, and addition and subtraction are also interchangable.

Here is a video to help you see pemdas in action:

Here is a video to some of Lesson 1-6:
Math Lesson 1-6 Discuss Grouping Situations.wmv

Lesson 1-7 Combinations and Comparisons
Objective: Solve Multiple combination and comparison problems.
A combination is a way of putting items together.

Here is a video from class on three-way combinations:

Lesson 1-8 Practice with Factors
Objective: Find factors to solve puzzles that involve proportional relationships.

Lesson 1-9
1. Solve multi-step problems involving equations with multiplication chains.
2. Solve equations with several unknowns.

Lesson 1-9 Algebraic Chains.wmv
Lesson 1-9 Word Problems with Algebraic Chains.wmv
Lesson 1-9 Write Equations.wmv

Lesson 1-10 Properties of Multiplication
Analyze and apply the Commutative, Associative, and Distributive properties.

Lesson 1-10 Properties of Multiplication.wmv

Lesson 1-11 Use Mathematical Processes
1. Solve a variety of problems using mathematical concepts and skills.
2. Use the mathematical processes of problem solving, connections, reasoning and proof, communication, and representation.

Lesson 1-11 Use Mathematical Processes.wmv