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Lesson 2-1 Sqaure Units and Area
1. Define and relate common metric units of area.
2. Select the appropriate metric unit for measuring a particular object.

Lesson 2-2 Perimeter and Area of Rectangles
1. Construct rectangles of given widths and lengths
2. Distinguish between the area and the perimeter of rectangle.

Lesson 2-2 Estimate Area and Perimeter of an Irregular Figure
Lesson 2-2 Formulas for calculating area and perimeter.wmv

Lesson 2-3 Area of Right Triangles
Classify Angles by size, and classify triangles by the size of their angles.
Derive formulas for areas of parallelograms and right triangles

Lesson 2-3 Define Kinds of angles and Triangles.

Lesson 2-3 Perimeter and Area of a Right Triangle.

Lesson 2-3 Find the Area of a Parallelogram

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Lesson 2-4 The Area of any Triangle

Lesson Objectives:
1. Find the area of any triangle.
2. Identify the height of an triangle.
3. Recognize that the area of a triangle is always one half the area of a parallelogram with the same height and base.

Lesson 2-4 Calculate the Area of a Triangle pg. 69.wmv
Lesson 2-4 Calculate the Area of a Triangle pg. 70.wmv

Lesson 2-5 Consolidate Perimeter and Area

Lesson Objectives:
1. Select or infer the dimensions needed to find the area and perimeter of triangles and parallelograms.
2. Find the perimeter and area of complex geometric figures composed of multiple smaller shapes.
Lesson 2-5 Consolidate Perimeter and Area pg. 73.wmv
Lesson 2-5 Visualize Figures pg. 75.wmv

Lesson 2-6 Customary Units of Length
Lesson Objectives:
1. Calculate perimeter and area in customary units.
2. Estimate distances using benchmarks.
3. Estimate and measure perimeter and area in customary units.