Unit 3 Addition and Subtraction of Whole Numbers and Decimals

Homework and Remembering Worksheets for Unit 3:
Math Unit 3 Homework and Remembering.pdf

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external image 20090501.004.jpg

Unit 3 Lesson 1 - Decimals and Equal Divisions
Lesson Objectives:
1. Understand decimals as equal divisions of a whole.
2. Relate fractions and decimals.

Unit 3 Lesson 2 - Equate and Compare
Lesson Objectives:
1. Model and identify equivalent decimals.

A video on how to compare and order decimals.
A link to a game on comparing decimals.

Unit 3 Lesson 3 - Thousands to Thousandths
Lesson Objectives:
1. Read, write, and model whole and decimal numbers.
2. Compare and order decimal numbers.
Lesson 3-3 Thousands to Thousandths.wmv
Lesson 3-3 Thousands to Thousandths pg. 87.wmv

Unit 3 Lesson 4 - Adding and Subtracting Decimals
Lesson Objectives:
1. Find decimal sims and differences.
2. Estimate and measure lengths using metric units.
Lesson 3-4 Adding Decimals.wmv

Unit 3 Lesson 5 - Billions to Billionths
Lesson Objectives:
1. Recognize Place Values from billions to billionths.
2. Read, write, compare, and order very large numbers.
3. Represent numbers in different ways.
Lesson 3-5 Symmetry around the ones place pg. 95.wmv

Unit 3 Lesson 6 - Use Place Value
Lesson Objectives:
1. Make the greatest and the least possible numbers using a given set of numbers.
2. Recognize relationships among place value to billions.
Lesson 3-6 Use Place Value pg. 99.wmv

Unit 3 Lesson 7 - Add whole numbers and decimals
Lesson Objectives:
1. Align numbers to prepare for addition.
2. Explain different methods of addition.
Lesson 3-7 Add Whole Numbers and Decimals.wmv
Lesson 3-7 Addition Problems pg. 101.wmv

Unit 3 Lesson 8 - Addition to Millions
Lesson Objectives:
1. Align numbers according to their place values to prepare for adding.
2. Use and explain different methods for addition.
Lesson 3-8 Discuss a preferred methond pg. 104.wmv
Video Link: http://www.5min.com/Video/Learn-about-Adding-Decimals-99169182

Unit 3 Lesson 9 - Subtract Whole and Decimal Numbers
Lesson Objectives:
1. Explore the relationship between addition and subtraction.
2. Explain solution methods for multi-digit subtraction.
Unit 3 Lesson 3-9 Two ways to Ungroup in subtraction pg. 105.wmv

Unit 3 Lesson 10 - Place Value Word Problems
Lesson Objectives:
1. Solve problems with large numbers and decimal numbers.
2. Write word problems.

Unit 3 Lesson 11 - Properties and Strategies
Lesson Objectives:
1. Use the commutative, associative, and distributive properties to compute mentally.
2. Apply properties to real world situations.
Unit 3 Lesson 11 pg. 111 and 112.wmv

Unit 3 Lesson 12 - Pictographs with Large Numbers
Lesson Objectives:
1. Understand progressively larger increments to one million.
2. Read and construct pictographs with large numbers.
Lesson 3-12 Use a pictograph pg. 113.wmv
Lesson 3-12 Make a Pictograph pg. 114.wmv

Unit 3 Lesson 13 - Round Numbers on Graphs
Lesson Objectives:
1. Read scales that show large rounded numbers to 100 million.
2. Identify the halfway point between two numbers that are multiples of ten.
3. Estimate by rounding large numbers.
Unit 3 Lesson 13 pg. 115 Introduce Scales as a visual aid to rounding.wmv
Unit 3 Lesson 13 pg. 116 Practice with rounding.wmv

Unit 3 Lesson 14 - Bar Graphs and Rounding
Lesson Objectives:
1. Read and construct bar grpahs with large numbers.
2. Round numbers to the hundred millions.
3. Identify the halfway point with numbers to the hundred millions.
Unit 3 Lesson 14 Bar Graphs with Large Numbers.wmv

Unit 3 Lesson 15 - Round and estimate with decimals.
Lesson Objectives:
1. Use a number line and place value to round decimals.
2. Estimate decimal sums and differences.

Unit 3 Lesson 16 - Discrete and Continuous Data
Lesson Objectives:
1. Compare and contrast discrete and continuous data represented in tables and graphs.
2. Interpret double and triple line graphs.
3. Make single line graphs.
Unit 3 Lesson 16 pb. 123 Analyzing Data and Tables.wmv
Unit 3 Lesson 16 pb 124 Analyze data and graphs.wmv
Unit 3 Lesson 16 pb. 126 Double Line Graphs.wmv
Unit 3 Lesson 16 pb. 127 Triple Line Graphs.wmv

Unit 3 Lesson 17 - Graph with Decimal Numbers
Lesson Objectives:
1. Round decimal numbers to the nearest tenth, hundreth, and thousandth.
2. Read and construct graphs with decimal numbers.
Unit 3 Lesson 17 pb. 129 Graphing with decimal numbers.wmv

Unit 3 Lesson 18 - Classify Word Problems
Lesson Objectives:
1. Understand and apply a classification system for common addition and subtraction situations.
2. Solve word problems with both additive and multiplicative comparisons.
Unit 3 Lesson 18 pb. 133 and 134.wmv
Unit 3 Lesson 18 practice book pages 135 and 136.wmv

Unit 3 Lesson 19 - Situation and Solution Equations
Lesson Objectives:
1. Solve word problems with unknown addends.
2. Write a situation equaiton and convert it to a solution equation.
Unit 3 Lesson 19 practice book pages 137 and 138.wmv

Unit 3 Lesson 20 - Comparison Problems
Lesson Objectives:
1. Solve addition and subtraction problems mentally using place value.
2. Represent and solve comparison word problems.
3. Understand and apply comparison language.

Unit 3 Lesson 21 - Two-Step Word Problems
Lesson Objectives:
1. Write and solve word problems that involve two steps.
2. Identify relevant information in problems.
Unit 3 Lesson 21 Two step word problems.wmv
Unit 3 Lesson 21 pb. 144 Too much information.wmv

Unit 3 Lesson 22 - Use Mathematical Processes
Lesson Objectives:
1. Solve a variety of problems using mathematical conceptand skills.
2. Use mathematical processes of problem solving, connections, reasoning and proof, communication and representation.