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Story 1 - Michelle Kwan - Heart of a Champion
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The first selection for Theme 2, Give It All You've Got, is an excerpt from Michelle Kwan's autobiography Heart of a Champion. Her sense of determination and competitive spirit come through as she describes the sacrifices and determination that marked her early career.

"Work hard, be yourself, and have fun."
Michelle Kwan's motto

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Michelle Kwan Challenge sheets - if you need a fun challenge try these activities out!

Michelle Kwan Videos:

Juniors Long Program

1995 Program

2003 Worlds Short Program

An interview with Michelle Kwan after not winning the Gold:

Story 2 - La Bamba
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La Bamba is a selection from Gary Soto's collection of short stories, Baseball In April. This story is based on one of Gary's classmates while he was growing up in Fresno, California.
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Richie Valens MP3 from Free MP3 DownloadsListen to the song "La Bamba"

Who was Ritchie Valens? Ritchie Valens La Bamba Lyrics

History of recorded sound. A Brief History of Recorded Sound
Wikipedia ~ Phonograph article

Record Player Photo

Videos of Talent Shows:

LaBamba Skills Review Quiz
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The Fear Place
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In this selection, you will read about a boy who must overcome his fear in order to help his brother.
How does The Fear Place connect with the theme
Give it All You've Got ?

Vocabulary Words for the Week:
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Spelling Words for the week:

What are some things that frighten people? Phobias/Worldbook online

How does your body react when you're afraid? Being Afraid

Would it be a good idea to befriend a cougar? Cougars

Homophone website:

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Mae Jemison - Space Scientist
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Mae Jemison's life exemplifies Give it All You've Got. Although she may best be known as the first African American woman to become an astronaut, her achievements include entering Stanford University at 16, becoming a medical doctor, Peace Corps volunteer, and the founder and president of two technology companies.
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Spelling City - a great place to practice your spelling.

How did Mae Jemison break down barriers to become a doctor, a scientist, and a pioneer in space?

Mae Jemisons Videos:

Into the Deep - the other frontier

What causes "space sickness"?

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