Reading Theme 3 - Voices of the Revolution

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And Then What Happened Paul Revere?

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Beyond the Book Activities:
1.You will be able to explain the roles that the following patriots played at the start of the American Revolution:
Samuel Adams
John Hancock
Paul Revere
William Dawes

2. You will correctly use the following terminology related to the Revolutionary War period:
Sons of Liberty

3. You will recall the events leading to and the significance of the Battle at Lexington in America's quest for freedom.

4. You will explain the events that took place and the outcome of the Battle of Concord.

5. You will plan, organize, and write news reports related to the start of the Revolutionary War

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The story Katie's Trunk takes place during the Revolutionary War. A young girl named Katie faces rejection from her former peers and neighbors because of being a Loyalist (Tory). When the rebels come to ransack her home for money and valuables, Katie and her family hide in the nearby forest. Angered by what is happening, Katie returns to her home and hides from the mobbers in her mother's wedding trunk. When the mob begins to search the trunk, a neighbor of Katie's discovers that she is there but doesn't tell his companions. Instead, he frightens them away and leaves the trunk open so she can breathe. Katie realizes later that even though they are on opposite sides of the war,they are still connected together through love.

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James Forten

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