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Westward Movement:
In US history, the period of settlement 1800–50 when Americans pushed the frontier westwards in search of land and resources, economic opportunities, a better life, and, for some, religious freedom. In 1803 the USA comprised 17 eastern and central states, however the Louisiana Purchase (land bought from France in 1803) expanded its territory by 2,144,000 sq km/828,000 sq mi (the present-day states of Louisiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Oklahoma). People of US-birth and immigrants from Europe began moving westwards, especially after hearing wonderful reports from the Lewis and Clark expedition (1804–06), a US government survey of the new region. In addition, Americans believed in their ‘manifest destiny’, a God-given right and duty to spread out across the land; this philosophy preceded the phrase (first used 1845), and became one of the main justifications for settlement activity in the American West. The Mexican War (1846–48) and subsequent conquest of the southwest, along with the California gold rush (1848), further opened up the country.

Lewis and Clark Expedition – Newspaper Project
Create a newspaper describing important people, places, maps and events. Remember your paper needs headlines, pictures and captions. Some ideas for your paper include:

Rubric for newspaper project:Social Studies - Lewis and Clark Expedition Rubric.doc

People who were an important part of the expedition:
· Meriwether Lewis
· William Clark
· Sacagawea
· Thomas Jefferson
· Toussaint Charbonneau
· Native Americans
Make a map of the expedition:
· Draw a detailed map of the expedition
· Mountain Ranges
· Rivers
· Current day states

· Research some of the major events that took place on the expedition.
· Write about a major event and tell why it was an important event.
Survival Gear/Equipment:
· Name and describe 10 survival items you would personally take on your expedition – make a for sale advertisement in your newspaper.
Social Studies Book pages 374 -377

The Industrial Revolution including the Transcontinental Railroad. - Social Studies Book pages 408 – 413

Rubric for "The Industrial Revolution" project:Social Studies The Industrial Revolution Project Rubric.doc

· Write a paragraph on why the Industrial Revolution was in important turning point in the United States history – use any resources to help you with your paragraph.

· Make a T Chart comparing before the Industrial Revolution and after the Industrial Revolution.
T-Chart Template Link - http://www.superteacherworksheets.com/graphic-organizers/t-chart-plain.pdf

· Make a Venn Diagram comparing your life and child who worked the Industrial Revolution.
Venn Diagram Link: http://www.superteacherworksheets.com/graphic-organizers/venn-no-lines.pdf

· Make a trunk that has at least 5 items that were invented during the Industrial Revolution you will also have to name the inventor and tell why the invention was important. You may print pictures, draw pictures, or create the invention.

Resources for the Industrial Revolution:

Trails to the West - Social Studies Book pages 438 – 441

"Trails to the West" rubric: Social Studies Trails to the West Project.doc

Settlers’ Survival Guide on the Trails of Westward Expansion Requirements:
· Design a poster that motivates people to move west. Why would people want to move to the West?
· Create a map illustrating the journey, including important stops along the way. Make sure you include mountain ranges, rivers, and current day states.
· Create a timeline of your travels. You will need to do this first for diary entries, postcards, and hardships for this project. Please be aware of the months of the year and distances that you are traveling.
· Diary Entries – complete 5 to 8 diary entries about the hardships and good times on the trail. Make sure you use proper nouns to name people and places.
· Make a “Top Ten Tips” for survival on the trail with your Conestoga wagon. Some items you should include are food, supplies, and medicine. These tips should include illustrations or a home-made Conestoga wagon filled with survival items. These items may be handmade.

Select one of the following Trails West to research and make a Settlers’ Survival Guide.

Santa Fe Trail Resources:

Oregon Trail Resources:

California Gold Rush - Social Studies Book pages 442 – 445

Project - With the link below you will have to finish the California Gold Rush project. Make sure you use complete sentences!


Video on the Gold Rush: